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About Me - How I Ended Up Juicing...

...and made a website about it

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Hello! Thanks for stopping by to check out my site!

I'm Phil, Founder and Webmaster of I currently live in the beautiful "Valley of the Sun!" The landscape in Phoenix, Arizona is really cool and you're just a short drive to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, LA, San Deigo, Mexico, catch my drift? But only if you can deal with the dry heat!


My wife and I met in 1998 while doing accounting for the same company in Maryland. Neither of us were vegetarian at the time and the only juice we knew was Koolaid, V8, and Tropicana!

Both of our families are from the east coast, and most of them still live on the coast. Including my two beautiful children who I get to spend the summers and holidays with! My favorite time of the year!

Meditation on the inner light and sound...

Having an adventurous spirit, a desire for change, and a little bit of Karma that needed to play out, we decided to venture west. Illinois was our first stop.

Just 45 minutes outside of Chicago in a town called Naperville, we studied meditation and vegetarianism at the Science of Spirituality Center under the direction of Spiritual Leader, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj.

Such an amazing point in my life.

After 6 long winters in Illinois, the cold weather got the best of us. We felt it was time for a another BIG change (there goes that adventurous spirit again). And that's how we landed in Phoenix!

However, during this time in Illinois, I learned a lot about myself -- my personal strenghs and weaknesses!

My challenge, trying to balance my love for God, my desire to lead a spiritual life, my family, and my passion to be financially free.

I was just recently blessed with the answer to this challenge: "balancing" is not the key, "intergrating" them is answer!

Wow... here's the tweet that opened my eyes to this:


So for the record, sharing some of my spiritual beliefs and my spiritual path in this section is my first action toward intergrating my spirituality and my passion :) Yeah!

A moment of clarity...

While serving a 14 month tour of duty in the Middle East with the US Army in early 2003, during the initial push north through southern Iraq, I experienced so many amazing things while living in Kuwait and Baghdad!

I witnessed faith at its most pristine and fear at its climax. This is where I also discovered the POWER of having Goals.

Day to day, I struggled to "just be a good soldier." I had a need to venture out and do things my way. I realized that I was too independent (or rebellious) to constantly take orders from a superior. My creativity and curiosity kept my mind focused on life "after the war."

This is when I drew up plans to build the house in Illinois and start my own business.

A hard fact...

I am truly grateful for all of the opportunities that I have had working for other business owners, and I will embrace the next BIG opportunity when it comes my way. But it has to be BIG and it has to be amazing! Otherwise, I would never be 100% happy working for someone else. I'd always think in the back of my mind:

"I should be making myself rich, not them."

Then I would say, "I'm smart enough, I've got great ideas, I just need to figure this out!"

Sound familiar?

On top of all of this, no matter how cool the job, the commute would eventually suck the life right out of me!

After all of the self-help cd's were played, all the ipod shuffles were over, I was left with the same deadening drive back and forth.... You've gotta be really creative to keep the commute interesting.

Anyway. Whether it was my creativity, curiosity, or luck, the trial and error of doing business for myself landed me here! Building my site with SBI! Here's a video to learn more about it.

More than just luck...

Armed with ambition to be my own boss and to provide for my family, I found myself "attempting" to succeed at many business ideas. Too many to mention!

After investing thousands (or should I say, charging my credit cards thousands) and spending dozens of evenings and weekends on these projects, it happened...

While researching to help my friend Bette build a website to promote her passion and business as a vegetarian chef, I discovered Site Build It! "SBI" by SiteSell.

Something about SBI, "felt right." With so many web hosting services out there, I wanted to be sure we picked the right one. So after reading just about all of the free literature I could find on SiteSell, I spent an entire weekend watching the introduction and action guide videos.

What really caught my attention were the RESULTS!

So many people who used SBI, found themselves in the top 3% of all websites! The testimonials were amazing and inspiring, so I did it. I launched Juicer Reviews and Recipes to provide a resource to help the novice and avid juicer find the best machine for their budget and to provide great recipes on top of that.

First-time juicers are always on the watch for good advice. Are you passionate about juicing or health? Do you have experience or a savvy opinion to share? Products or services to sell? Provide sought-after guidance and earn extra income. Click here to learn how I am juicing my way to building a full-time income with a part-time hobby.

Give it your BEST Shot!...

I jumped in head first and learned how to build a profitable website that gets free search engine traffic. A "theme-based" website around my passion or something I had interest in learning more about. Using SBI's tools, I learned how to research demand and found a big need for more information on Juicing.

At the time, there were already a few great sites out there that covered the topic, but still plenty of room for me to build a business and help 1,000's of people along the way!

But before I decided to go with the "juicing theme", I had to ask myself a few tough questions:

  1. "Do I have that much passion about juicing or enough desire and interest to want to learn more about it?" YES!
  2. "Will I really commit my time and energy to researching and becoming the go-to resource online for Juicing?" YES!
  3. "If I do this, am I going to give it my best shot? No more attempts?" YES!

So where am I now...

After only a few months online, the site has been picked up by Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines without me paying any advertising! Visitors from over 30 countries have stopped by. Multiple websites have exchanged links with me. And although it's not enough to retire on YET, I am already making money from Google Adsense!

It's exciting! To be so early in building the website and already getting great recognition from visitors, helping people along the way and improving my health in the process!

I feel great! Juicing everyday has had a major impact on my health. I sleep better, feel less stressed, and have tons of energy -- I hike and bike daily (or try to anyway).

I've also found that its fun exploring new juicing recipes and combinations of fruits and vegetables. Yes, I'll definitely be sharing all of them with you!

Stay tuned as I update my progress..
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I really enjoy working with people in my field. I really enjoyed creating this site. Part of why I enjoyed it so much is because I worked with and learned from great people. The product I used to build this is called SBI!. Perhaps you have heard about them. Perhaps, too, you have heard of the Site Build It Scam, a made up Google bomb campaign dedicated to give SBI! a hard time. If you are thinking of starting a site, follow that link to Site Build It scam. You'll get an eye-opening accounting of what really happened there.

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