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The juicing recipes that you'll find on this site will guide you to pleasure and vitality, whether you want to increase your energy, detoxify, or just enjoy the overall benefits of juicing.

For each recipe, I'll include the fruits, vegetables, herbs and other ingredients required to make one serving or more.

Not all fruits and vegetables will yield the same amount of juice, so give and take until you reach your desired blend.

Beet and Apple Juice

This is what my fridge looks like. I shop in bulk, wash, and prepare all items in advance so I can have everything ready to go. This is Big Time and Money Saver.

Time Saving Juicing Tip:

Fruits and veggies in the fridge

Everything Washed and Ready to GO!

Green Apples, Golden Beets, Gala Apples, Celery, Carrots

A benefit of having fresh fruits and vegetables washed and ready at all times is that you can use your favorite juicing book and try out a new recipe right on the spot. Or, get a cool software program like THE JUICE SUGGESTER that offers juicing recipes based on what ingredients you select. This way, after glancing in your fridge to take note of what you have, and few clicks later, you have the perfect recipe and all the ingredients ready to go!

Now, go out there and stock up on some fresh produce (find a local farmers market here) and prep everything at least once per week. Whatever day works best. I like to do it during the work week so I can save my weekends for family and friends and to work on my favorite project, my juicing site!

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sensational smoothies ebook

It's true, I love juicing. But nothing beats a smoothie when it is made just right. The perfect amount of ice mixed with fruit and yogurt or ice cream or sherbet or whatever makes you happy!

I found this really neat ebook with over 180 Recipes. It includes Green Smoothies, Diet Smoothies, Fruit Smoothies, Breakfast Smoothies, Cocktail Smoothies And More. Perfect For Health Buffs, Weight Watchers And Parents Who Would Like Kids To Eat Healthy.

Interested? Click here to learn even more about the Sensational Smoothies eBook.

Juicing for Health
The food that you allow to enter into your body, will determine the health of every cell and organ in your body. Allowing the proper foods to dominate your diet can help the body in its efforts to build muscle, lose unwanted pounds, heal itself, and in some cases, particular foods can strengthen the immune system and lessen the risks of serious illness.

Fresh Vegetables Juice Recipes
Try these fresh vegetables juice recipes and other refreshing and easy drink ideas.

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Reclaim your health with a high fiber diet to repair damage from oxidation, inflammation, and disease. Learn to put powerful high fiber foods with dense nutrition into your own healthy eating plan.

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Organic Gardening for Beginners
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Want even more ideas?
Discover new recipes using what you currently have available with no need to go shopping. THE JUICE SUGGESTER is a new innovative software that provides juicing recipes based on what ingredients you select. With a few clicks you can access to over 100+ ready-to-go recipe ideas.

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Share Your Favorite Juice and Smoothie Recipes

free juicing recipes

Looking for free juicing recipes? Love juicing apples and have the perfect combination of fruits and veggies? This is the place to share your favorite juice or smoothie and get fresh ideas from other visitors!

Share your favorite variation of the best Jamba Juice or Booster Juice Recipes.

Have a juicing website or blog? Be sure to post your link, I will be sure to link back to your site! The best rated recipes will get featured on my home page and newsletter! Be sure to sign up to get the updates!

Just plug in the ingredients and add an optional photo and you are all set! Let other visitors try your recipe and rate it 5 stars!

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Jamba Juice Caribbean Passion 
Passion-mango fruit juice to taste Fresh strawberries to taste Fresh peaches peeled and pitted to taste Orange sherbet to taste 1 cup ice, crushed …

Mock Jamba Juice Peach Pleasure Smoothie Not rated yet
This is a mock version of Jamba Juice Peach Pleasure Smoothie: 12 ounces peach nectar 1 cup frozen peaches 1/2 ripe banana 2 scoops orange sherbet …

Mock Orange-A-Peel Smoothie  Not rated yet
This is a mock version of the Jamba Juice Orange-A-Peel Smoothie. 3/4 cup apple juice 3/4 cup Kern’s strawberry nectar 2/3 cup frozen blueberries …

Strawberry Delight Smoothie Not rated yet
1/2 cup Wegmans brand frozen fruit Strawberries 1/2 cup Vanilla yogurt 1 cup Milk Wheat Germ - optional to taste Maple Syrup to taste 1/2 cup ice …

Peanut Butter Banana Hemp Smoothie Not rated yet
If you love peanut butter and bananas, you'll love this smoothie. 1 banana 1 Tbs. natural unsalted peanut butter (to taste) 1 cup of ice Dash of …

Jamba Juice Razzma Tazz Not rated yet
1 Cup raspberry juice 2 Cups raspberry sherbet 1 Cup sliced strawberries 1/2 Sliced banana 1 1/2 cup ice Blend ingredients until smooth

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