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Omega 1000 More Minus Than Plus

by Music Mitch
(New York City)

It juices well and makes clear, good tasting juice, but you cannot make more than one glass at a time or it locks up: vibrates incessantly with a rumbling noise and starts moving on the counter, or the power safety switch turns it off.

If you do not use the special filters for the basket (sold separately) it literally takes 1/2 hour to clean the basket because the pulp sticks to it very ferociously and the way it's shaped retards the ability to clean it. The pulp gets stuck underneath the top of it which curves over the top creating a space underneath for debris to get lodged. Celery strings often get stuck on the screw nut that holds the cutting basket to the machine.

Once you start juicing greens, it will shortly overload the machine and you have to stop juicing and clean it. I've had this machine for a number of years and used it, made a lot of juice with it. It's better than many cheaper, less quality ones out there, but I would not recommend it. It's too much trouble. And this machine has no pulp ejection basket.

Get a more current omega or similar model that ejects the pulp and definitely get one that has a stronger than 1/3 hp motor. Possibly the omega big mouth might be the answer or a similar competitor. Note omega is a very small company with offices in PA and Florida.

There customer service literally is composed of one or two people in PA and many times it's hard to reach them on an issue or there's a long wait on the line or a call back. And the Florida office takes forever to ship replacement parts. The company stands behind its products and warranties. And if you buy one from them, they will refund your money if you are dissatisfied within 30 days.

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