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Types of Apples:
8 Classic Varieties You Should Know

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There are so many types of apples available, that the internet - as you would expect - has an "apple directory". Yes its true. And it goes by the name of "Orange Pippin", The comprehensive resource for apples and orchards.

According to Orange Pippin, there are over 600 known varieties listed on their website. WOW. I would have to agree, the site is loaded with info.

In no way am I the apple expert but I've listed 8 types of apples that you may want to get familiar with. I wanted to highlight some of the easiest apples to find, so you may already know most of these varieties listed. If not, great...hopefully you discover a new variety.

Following are 8 different types of apples and what they might be best suited for:

#1 Red Delicious apples - They are deep red, thin and tall compared to the rounder varieties. It is the most popular snacking and eating apple in most supermarkets in America. It is not good for baking but tastes better when eaten raw. Recommended for juicing

#2 Golden Delicious apples - Sweeter than the red delicious but has a thin skin. They are also fatter and rounder. It is a great baking apple. Recommended for juicing

#3 Granny Smith apples - These particular types of apples are green. They have a semi-mild flavor and are a great balance between tartness and sweetness. They can easily sit in cold storage for about half a year without getting spoilt. They are excellent for applesauce. Recommended for juicing when you want a tart kick.

#4 Winesap apples - With an aroma of wine and distinct flavor they are a smaller version. They are normally used as cider apples; they are great for sauces and baking.

#5 Gala apples - They are stunning to look at. The inside portion is a yellow creamy color and it is very mild. However, it might be a bit bland if used for baking. These are one of my favorite juicing apples. Recommended for juicing

#6 McIntosh apples - They are a top selling variety in America. They are red and round, however some of them retain the green mottling while ripe. The white flesh has an aromatic and spicy flavor as well as a lot of juice. They are great for juicing, snacking and making apple pies.

#7 Rome apples - They are also known as Rome Beauty. These apples are very appealing to look at, round and plump. They have a very thick skin which could be a little less preferred for snacking. However, they are very good for baking and cider making.

#8 Gravenstien apples - They originated first in the US. They are reddish-green, have a lot of juice, thin skin and are round. The taste is somewhat acidic, has a strong flavor and sweetness. The taste is described as that of white wine and is excellent for baking purpose. The tart flavor does make a very delicious dry drink. Recommended for juicing

For more on apple varieties, check out Orange Pippin's online apple directory

Check with your local farmers market to pick up a fresh bushel of apples

Click here to learn more about the health benefits of apples

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