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Sep 09, 2011
More Good Points
by: Phil (Site Editor)

All good points again Mitch. I believe the Ikon is 900 watts. I hear the Elite is pretty powerful and worth the investment. Go with a refurbished one and save a little. As long as it has a warranty or get one through square-trade.

I like being able to juice something quick and on the spot with not much prep, the Fountain allows me to do that. Clean-up is another story.

I'm really looking at getting a slower juicer - single or twin gear - the juice quality is much better, with more nutrients retained. Maybe the Hurom Slow Juicer or a classic, Champion 2000? Maybe both and see which one wins me over.

Keep us posted on the next juicer you decide to get. Would love to hear the results!


Sep 07, 2011
Good Comment Phil
by: Anonymous

Good comment Phil - you make a lot of sense. I’ve owned 4 Juicers to date.

I am wondering if the Juice Fountain Plus or the Elite has a slightly better construction than the Ikon? From your comments, maybe it does. The leak is minor but annoying as my omega 1000 or my Juiceman Jr or vitamix machine never leaked.

Maybe just this one Breville Ikon machine has a slight defect? But it juices well. It juices greens better then the Omega. The juice yield is better on the greens, but not on other harder vegetables. But still small compared to a dedicated greens juicer. I just juiced a quart of watermelon juice from a quarter of a watermelon though, rind and all - it came out very good. (But not the skin - because it wasn’t organic)

I might take the Ikon back to the store and exchange it for the Fountain Elite. I wonder if that’s worth it for an extra $99.00? The only difference I can see in the comparison chart on the Breville USA site is that the Elite has a Titanium blade/cutting basket (which they imply is sharper) instead of stainless steel and a slightly stronger motor. I believe it’s a 1 and 1/3 hp motor, whereas I don’t know what the strength of the Ikon is - they won’t say. I’m guessing by the 900 watts, either 3/4 or one hp which is still stronger than most juicers out there except the new Juiceman 550 which has a 1.1 hp motor and is less expensive than all these fountains.

The thing about the cutting basket though on this Ikon machine, when you scrub it with the brush that they give you, it moves, it’s a little flexible or weak! I’m wondering if it will hold up over time? The rest of the machine should. And it doesn’t move across the counter like some lesser machines do when you do a lot of juicing with it - a plus. I’m thinking because, the weight and hp of the motor. But I still think the motor is over advertised. Unless you have the Elite, which has the strongest motor of the fountains and of any juicer I’ve read about.

As to packing the vegetables in tight as you say to avoid pieces coming through unjuiced. I tried that already and then it jams in there. So I don’t do it anymore. Again, maybe the plus machine is a bit better for some reason?

As to cleaning. Yes I totally agree with you - a pain. But I put a plastic bag over the pulp container and just throw the bag out when I finish juicing. This, at least, allows me to skip cleaning one part - the pulp container. My Omega 1000 was much faster to clean if you used the special strips that cover the juice basket - but it has no pulp ejector and so juicing more than one glass of juice requires you to clean first and then juice again. If you’re only juicing one glass for yourself, it can work okay.

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