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Ikon Good, But Not As Good As Advertised

by Music Mitch
(New York City)

Music Mitch's Review of the Breville Ikon:

Cons: It's big, bulky. I found that it leaks juice onto the counter from several spots. It's too time consuming to clean - too many parts. It juices okay, but it doesn't yield as much juice as some cheaper models I've used like the Omega 1000 which I also don't recommend.

The motor in this Breville model is not as strong as they lead you believed. It's not weak though - it has force. In fact they hide the horsepower numbers by not telling you anywhere - on the box, in the manual, on the machine - nowhere. They just tell you it's a 900 watt juicer? So what? People do want to know how much electricity it's burning, but also want to know how strong really is the motor in horsepower numbers.

Small parts of vegetables or fruits can pass through untouched. The juice will fly out of the push through spout if you don't cover it completely with the spout pusher.

Plus: It will probably outlast its puny one year warranty as it seems to be of sturdy construction.

I would not recommend it. I would not buy it again. I'm hoping the Breville Fountain Plus or Breville Elite are much better products than this.


Phil's Reply: Music Mitch, thanks for adding another review to the site! How many juicers have you owned to date? I actually have the Juice Fountain Plus and I have to say, for the money, it is not a bad investment. I haven't had any issues with leaks or cracks (yet) but do get the occasional small piece of vegetable or fruit pass through "untouched" as you said. If I am juicing a slice of ginger or small red beet, I try to pack it in tight before running the motor.

What really gets me is the number of parts that have to be cleaned -- I think the last time I counted it was seven! There is no such thing as a quick juice with the Fountain Plus. It handles everything I throw at it though, so when I juice, I make it worth the time and effort.

Thanks again for adding the reviews Mitch! Keep them coming!

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