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Benefits of Spirulina

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There are numerous well known benefits of spirulina. No doubt, it's a popular food supplement that has been used since the time of the Aztecs. This algae-based supplement comes in a number of available formats including liquids, powders, and tablets.

Are you vegetarian like me?

Approximately 60 percent of spirulina is made up of protein. This includes all the necessary elements associated with protein, such as amino acids. Spirulina has been used as a health supplement by many who live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. It contains the necessary protein needed that a diet free of all animal products may lack.

These same properties are also found to be beneficial to athletes as well. Spirulina is known for increasing energy and maintaining stamina. The large percentage of protein is especially beneficial to boxers, weightlifters, and other weight-conscious athletes imbibing a diet that needs to amplify and retain muscle tissue.

Here is a green smoothie that I love to make that provides a boost of spirulina

Do you suffer during alergy season?

There has recently been some evidence brought to light that suggests spirulina is useful in reducing reactions caused by allergies. Although those who have performed the clinical studies have said that individuals with allergies should not rely on spirulina alone to ward off more severe allergic reactions, such as anaphylaxis, but it can assist in reducing effects associated with common, mild allergic reactions, such as hay fever.

Planning on having a baby?

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding may be recommended to take spirulina. It can replenish the body at a time where nutrients are in high demand by the baby. However, before introducing spirulina into the body, it is good to speak with a doctor first.

Want more benefits?

Okay, you're in luck because there are many other health benefits that we haven't covered. Spirulina has been proven to reduce cholesterol levels, therefore reducing the overall risk of contracting heart disease. It can improve the immune system, endurance levels and digestive functions, reduce fatigue, and support liver, kidney and cardiovascular functions. In some cases, spirulina has even slowed the process of aging.

But the debate continues...

There is a debate raging on in the medical world about the benefits of spirulina with its ability to aid in weight loss. While some medical professionals doubt the ability of spirulina to shrink waistlines, others have maintained that using spirulina can actually increase the body's metabolic function and suppress appetite.

While there is doubt that on its own spirulina is able to assist in shedding the pounds, it should be utilized in a diet and exercise regimen because it can assist in regulating the body's blood-sugar levels and suppress any additional cravings the body may have.

It's very easy to reap the benefits of spirulina by simply including it into your daily diet without any real extra effort. I started taking the tablets but I find it much easier to use green food supplement powders since I can add them to my juices and smoothies. I would recommend trying a few different types to determine what's best for you.

Here are some of the highest rated spirulina products on Amazon

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