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The Four Most Discussed Health Benefits of Acai

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The health benefits of acai berries are incredible and lately, there has been a lot of talk about how great acai berries actually are. Before consuming these berries in the various forms that they come in, like acai berry juice, it is important that you have an understanding of what this magical fruit is. We will look at four main reasons why people are fond of these exotic berries.

Acai Berry in the Amazon

Quick history lesson...
Acai berry fruit is a natural product that grows in the jungles of Brazil. The people that live within the jungles have been using the berry fruit for an extremely long time as an energy booster and as a healthy food to combat various diseases.

Not only will you experience a burst of energy from consuming the fruit, you'll enjoy 4 major health benefits of acai.

The magical berry has been proven to...

  • #1 help people lose weight
  • #2 reduce the aging process
  • #3 lower blood pressure, and
  • #4 fight cancer and heart disease

It's amazing to think that simply a berry in which no one knew about can provide all of these health benefits to the public. The reason why the acai fruit yields all of these incredible health benefits is because the fruit naturally contains antioxidants, omega fats and other essential vitamins that the body needs. All of the naturally occurring ingredients that are found in the berry make it one of the healthiest fruits that a human, animal or any type of species could consume.

The acai berry is able to combat heart disease and cancer because it is rich in antioxidants. An antioxidant has the ability to slow the oxidation process of the body (oxidation is what is responsible for damaging the cells of the human body). When oxidation occurs, various illnesses such as cancer and coronary heart disease can occur as a result.

Omega 3 and omega 6 are two omega fats that are naturally found in acai berries. These fats are not naturally produced by the human body, but they are essential to its function. People that do not consume enough omega 3 and omega 6 fats as part of their diets will experience skin rashes, increased infections and reduced growth. The fats help with brain function and the body's development. One reason why a lot of people are becoming interested in including these fats into their diets is because they have the ability to help you lose weight.

Acai berries are also packed with essential vitamins that the body needs. Vitamin C, E, D, B2 and B3 are all found in these berries. All of the vitamins help to strengthen the immune system and protect the body against any common diseases and pathogens.

Feel like you understand the health benefits of acai better? I hope so. It is easy to see just how beneficial the consumption of acai berries can be. They can enhance your overall health, which is perhaps why many are choosing to include them into their daily diets.

I'm sure you've seen Sambazon in your local grocery store, juice bar, or health food store. Out of the 4-5 major Acai brands, Sambazon is the pioneer and undisputed leader without a doubt -- they have been tirelessly promoting the heath benefits of acai for years. I remember running into Team Sambazon at a health expo in Chicago back in 2008. We tried their acai berry juice and sorbet, and we've been hooked ever since that first sample.

---------- SIDE NOTE ----------
I've posted a few Sambazon smoothie recipes for you to check out: Try the Acai Energy Smoothie and the Amazon Cherry Smoothie. Both are delicious and very easy to make.
---------- SIDE NOTE ----------

Want to learn more about the health benefits of acai? Check out the Sambazon website and read the articles under "Nutrition" and especially the article titled "Real Deal Acai".

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