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The Magic Bullet Juicer is ALL Blender, no juice

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The Magic Bullet Juicer is really 100% Blender and is a very popular blender made famous through so many infomercials. It can perform blending jobs in seconds and has a variety of useful functions.

I personally love it. But I have to say...GEEEEEEEEEEEZ, this thing is loud and obtrusive. Please don't try to have a conversation and use the Magic Bullet Blender at the same time, forget about it.

In fact, wait until everyone is done talking, and then go for it... Hurry though, the noise is probably annoying somebody and they're just too nice to tell you!

Top Features and Benefits

Magic Bullet Juicer is really 100% BLENDER

What you're paying for:

  • 1. Works as a blender, grinder and food processor all in one
  • 2. It can do most blending jobs in 10 seconds
  • 3. 100 page recipe book included
  • 4. All the parts except the base are machine washable
  • 5. 1 year limited warranty
  • 6. Stainless steel blade and top blade
  • 7. Microwave and freezer safe cups and mugs
  • 8. Takes up very little counter space

Pros Vs. Cons

pro vs cons


  • 1. Blends beautifully
  • 2. Blends very quick
  • 3. Extremely easy clean-up
  • 4. Good price
  • 5. Great space spacer


  • 1. The motor is weak compared to larger blenders
  • 2. Parts are not made very sturdy
  • 3. Customer service is not very good
  • 4. More difficult to use then advertised
  • 5. Turns many foods, such as onions to mush
  • 6. LOUD

What You Can Expect to PAY

Conclusion: The Magic Bullet Blender is a good blender and benefits from a decent amount of popularity however it does not seem to stand up to all its infomercial claims.

But then again, if you don't have one, why not invest the $30 - $60 bucks (depending on where you get it) and add this multi-purpose toy to your kitchen arsenal. It does it all.

Juicer Grade

Based on my research and compared to similar blender models available, this blender receives a 3 out of 5.

If you decide to purchase this blender, here is what you can expect to invest and some of the best places to purchase online:

Average Price: $53.99

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